Interactive Platform Shows You Every Development in Baton Rouge

Entrepreneurs Jason Broha and Brian Rodriguez have launched a new interactive platform that tracks upcoming developments in the Baton Rouge area. Developing Baton Rouge aggregates relevant information to inform the local community, prospective residents, and visitors on the economic progress in Baton Rouge.

So far, the site includes more than 60 developments that have been announced or are currently under construction. Users can view projects by categories such as retail, public spaces, and more.

“This started out as a passion project for us. We both love this city and are excited about its future. New developments, from hospitality to civic/public spaces will only help move the needle forward to make Baton Rouge one of America’s next great cities. Hopefully this site sparks interest and inspiration in anyone looking to make their own mark in Baton Rouge,” said Broha.

The duo is hoping developers will use the platform to reveal information about upcoming projects and help share the economic development happenings around town.