R&D Design Brings Virtual Reality to Animal Rescue

New Orleans-based marketing firm R&D Design is known around town for its virtual reality footage of events such as Mardi Gras. The startup also provides real estate clients with VR tours of homes, and now, most recently, videos to highlight animals in need.

The new partnership with Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO), the area’s top grassroots no-kill animal shelter, will show viewers the animals up for adoptions and how easy it is to become a volunteer with the organization.

“We are always looking for better ways to highlight what it is we do here at ARNO to attract more caretakers and volunteers,” said Michael Tu, a veteran volunteer at ARNO. “And what better way than teaming up with a company that specializes in developing engaging marketing strategies utilizing the latest marketing techniques and technology.”

Check out ARNO’s Facebook page, where one video per week in the coming weeks.

“People love animals, we love animals, each of our team members has a rescued pet,” said David Holtman, Managing Director at R&D Design “So we really couldn’t have come up with a better project to collaborate on. We couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to help spread the great work ARNO is doing.”