Fortune 500 Firms are Using Cellcontrol’s Technology to Combat Distracted Driving

Cellcontrol is a Baton Rouge company that developed technology to stop distracted driving and create better drivers. In their latest announcement, Cellcontrol shared that more Fortune 500 companies are using the technology than ever before.

In 2016, the company grew its Fortune 500 customer based by 56 percent compared to 2015. The Fortune 500 companies using Cellcontrol range in industries from insurance, oil and gas, telecommunications, transportation, and others to ensure employees remain compliant and safe while driving.

The technology has been recognized by publications and organizations such as Consumer Reports, the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Traffic Safety Institute.

“Cellcontrol’s technology, which recently received a praising review by Consumer Reports magazine, is the only product available to block (not just audit) all or just some of the features and functionality of both Android and iOS mobile devices, making it literally the only platform available for Fortune 500 firms,” shared Cellcontrol.

For their largest Fortune 500 client, Cellcontrol protects more than 8,500 company vehicles across the country on any given day.

“Fortune 500 firms are some of the quickest enterprises to adopt distracted driving technology because they realize the consequences to their brand, reputation and pocketbook should one of their mobile employees be found responsible for causing an accident while using a mobile device,” said Robert Guba, CEO of Cellcontrol.  “Once auto manufacturers allow it, Cellcontrol’s patented technology can also be embedded into the infotainment systems of vehicles, which would make it even easier for Fortune 500 firms to manage their employees use of a mobile device while driving and on the job.”