Behind the Scenes of a New Orleans Podcast

New Orleans-based podcast Rumor Flies is fairly new to the podcast scene, but already gaining traction with listeners. Launched in March, Rumor Flies takes an educational and comedic approach to common myths, rumors and misconceptions propagated through modern culture.

Rumor Flies primarily targets a young adult to adult audience with a wide variety of themes including, but not limited to, food, history, remedies, Disney, death, and sports,” explains host Greg Tilton Jr.

With hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, we wanted to know what it’s like to run a show and details about the metrics behind it all. Tilton Jr., along with co-hosts Ryan and Josh, shared the details, including reviews, hits, and downloads.

Each Rumor Flies episode runs for approximately 60-90 minutes, with additional material provided in the form of listener mail, single-topic discussions with guests, and videos featuring the hosts testing myths discussed in primary episodes. Episodes also feature New Orleans-based musicians at the end of each show.

Between July and October of this year, the podcast average 15,000 feed requests per month and more than 1,000 downloads and plays per week. On top of that, 38 out of their 40 reviews on iTunes are five star reviews.

To make all this happen, the hosts meet two to three times per week each season, which creates 10 episodes over 10 weeks. Each episode can take up to five hours to finish with all the recording, researching and planning. Between seasons, the trio takes a few months off.

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