General Informatics Acquires Baton Rouge IT Firm Teknarus

Baton Rouge-based IT services company General Informatics has acquired another local IT firm, Teknarus. 

The Teknarus suite offers web design, mobile website design, software development, database integration, and IT support. Last year, the firm acquired assets of InfiniEDGE Software.

“We’re delighted that our customers will have the benefits of a larger team of top talent representing a full scope of technology services,” said Czarina Walker, CEO of InfiniEDGE.

General Informations was launched 15 years ago with assistance from the LSU Business & Technology Center. By the middle of this year, the company will be headquartered in their new 52,000-square-foot, three-story office building along with other technology businesses.

With this latest acquisition, General Informatics hopes to apply their pay-for-performance approach to IT departments to its added marketing services.

“The marketing executives in Louisiana can now get a true data-driven marketing team that supports and shows results through bottom-line numbers without having to hire expensive out-of-state companies,” said General Informatics CEO Mo Vij.

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