Propeller’s Water Accelerator Headed to Baton Rouge

The Louisiana Technology Park has announced a partnership with Propeller, a hub for social entrepreneurship and innovation in New Orleans, to expand Propeller’s Growth Accelerator program to the Baton Rouge region.

While Propeller also offers programming for education, food and health ventures, this newest partnership will focus on urban water and coastal ventures.

The free accelerator program runs for three months, offering mentorship, resources and networks to help ventures grow and scale. The program will take place simultaneously in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

“We are excited to partner with Propeller to bring their proven water accelerator program to our region. Water doesn’t recognize geographic borders; the New Orleans and Baton Rouge regions are connected by the Mississippi River and protected by the same coastline. That’s why this partnership is so important,” said Stephen Loy, Louisiana Technology Park Executive Director.

Applications are due by February 9 with an early feedback deadline on January 20.

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