Digital Promo Vehicle Mobile Cube Hits Streets of New Orleans

Local businessmen from Mobile Digital have unveiled their digital promotion vehicle, Mobile Cube, which hit the streets of New Orleans for the first time on January 12.

The vehicle is over 12 feet tall and displays high-definition ads and messages on all four sides of the vehicle while driving around town. At night, locals and visitors can find the Cube downtown and in the French Quarter.

“We are delighted to bring this new media technology to New Orleans. The Mobile Cube takes digital mobile advertising a step further with its unique design and multiple layers of functionality,” said co-founder Arthur Boisfontaine. “While digital mobile vehicles exist in other major cities, none can offer this level of technology. As our city continues to appeal to tourists across the globe, it is only fitting that the city’s advertising technology is at the forefront.”

Mobile Digital is donating space to New Orleans nonprofits as a show of commitment to the community, beginning with The N.O. Sports Foundation.

Another vehicle has already been ordered as the team plans to expand to other cities across the country.

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