Viral Video Game Launches Out of Lafayette

Video game development company Raconteur Games has finally released their viral video game Evangeline, named after the Longfellow poem of the same title.

Evangeline is an ambitious game about connecting with those you love,” says founder Nicholas Laborde. “It came about after the loss of my grandfather last year. During my grieving, I decided to channel that grief into creating something that would help people connect with their loved ones while they still could.”

Back in December, Laborde posted the details on reddit and imgur and the posts went viral. He received nearly two million views on imgur with more than 1,000 comments across both sites.

Evangeline is a story-focused experience that asks players to reach out to their loved ones at the end.

“With such a short vignette-style game, price was a factor that we had to contend with. Since the game is about connecting with those you love, we felt that letting the customer set the price was the best approach,” says Laborde. 

The game is available on the PC platform at the game’s website.

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