The 2016 Silicon Bayou 100: Group 3

The 2016 Silicon Bayou 100 is the sixth annual list of the 100 most influential and active people in tech and entrepreneurship in Louisiana. The list is compiled by you, the community, through an anonymous nomination process.

Over the next two weeks we will be sharing the bios of each of the 100 in alphabetical order. Meet group 3 below:

Chris Laibe

Chris is the president of StaffInsight, which provides a powerful method to hospitals and long term care facilities optimize their workforce and improve retention of their employees. He is also on the board of The Idea Village and Aptify, and has been the president on in FRONT USA for over 14 years. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Chris Mangum

As president and CEO of Servato, which provides a Platform-as-a-Service solution for remote DC power management in industrial settings, Chris considers himself a growth-oriented executive with the experience to back it up. He also is involved in as an investor and board member, and was previously an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at The Idea Village. On LinkedIn.

Chris Reade

After founding Carrollton Technology Partners back in 1995 in New York City, Chris moved the company to New Orleans in 2000 and has been president for the last 14 years. In January 2014, he became president of LookFar, a software development studio that partners with both startups and established businesses to help them prioritize their goals and build custom software. On LinkedIn.

Chris Schultz

Chris co-founded and is CEO Launch Pad, and also founded Voodoo Ventures, Flatstack, and TribeCon. Although he moved to San Francisco in 2015, Chris still has deep roots in the New Orleans entrepreneurial scene. He was instrumental in working to bring Collision Conference to the city in 2016. It is the fastest growing tech conference in the world and was previously held in Las Vegas. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Cian Robinson

Cian is the Executive Director of the Lafayette General Foundation. He is responsible for the strategy, growth, development and operational functions of the organization, which has invited $1.75 million in Louisiana healthcare startups through its Healthcare Innovation Fund (HIF). He serves on the Board of Innov8 Acadiana and has been an annual panelist/speaker at the New Orleans Bio Innovation Center. On LinkedIn.

Cole Wiley

Cole is the co-founder and CEO at Scandy where he manages the development of the Scandy Pro 3D scanner and Scandy Core SDK. He also works with OEMs and hardware vendors to put the next generation of 3D tech on new smartphones. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Courtney Williams

Courtney moved his edtech company Torsh to New Orleans in 2015 and went on to compete in the Coulter IDEApitch at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week in 2016, making a splash in the local entrepreneurial community. The startup is an educational software company that provides a video observation platform used for teacher development. On Twitter. On LinkedIn.

Craig Cordes

Craig is the co-founder and CFO of Big Easy Blends, makers of the well-known Cordina line of adult beverages. He, along with two friends from college, launched the company more than seven years ago to bring their passion for packaging to customers through their signature drinkable, re-sealable pouch. On LinkedIn.

Craig Gehring

Craig is the founder and CEO of MasteryPrep, one of the fastest growing edtech companies in the country that specializes in helping under-resourced and first-generation students make radical improvements on the ACT. He has been working to make a difference in student lives for more than six years through the company. On LinkedIn.

Crystal McDonald

Crystal’s company Acrew (formerly received $100,000 from Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest pitch competition in 2015, which allowed her to make significant changes to the platform and launch the rebrand. She recently added a head of sales person and CTO to her team and has been able to secure contracts with national brands. On LinkedIn.

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