New Orleans Startup Industry Clusters: Life Sciences

This post by Alec Cole originally appeared on the LookFar blog.

We’ve recently spent a lot of time on the blog examining 2016 in Southern startups – both highlights and some deeper dives into emerging ecosystems. However, we’re several weeks into 2017, and it’s time to talk about what the future holds for Southeastern tech.

Let’s start by taking a long look at New Orleans. Our home city is packed with potential, but has yet to realize it to the extent that some neighboring ecosystems have. What NOLATech does have is a selection of several distinct industry clusters capable of producing successful, large-scale ventures.

The first of these: healthcare and life sciences. The New Orleans metro area contains a burgeoning concentration of infrastructure, talent, and intellectual property; however, operators in the state are still faced with considerable obstacles to growth and early success. We’ll review both the pros and the cons of this fascinating, fast-moving sector below.

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