Virtual Krewe of Vaporwave Plans Second Mardi Gras Parade

The Virtual Krewe of Vaporwave (VKV) is getting ready its second annual virtual parade, slated for tomorrow evening (February 21) at 8:00 pm. The parade will be a multiplayer video game this year.

“We’re a digital art collaborative,” explains organizer Merely Synecdoche (a pseudonym). “The goal is to be a Mardi Gras krewe that posts digital art every year.”

This year’s theme is “Tomorrow, The Future.” and will include eighteen floats that will be themed by year from 1983 to 2001. Each float will represent VKV’s vision for the future, as imagined from 1983.

Since the parade is completely digital, users can download the game beginning at 7:00 am tomorrow via

“Users will download the game for Mac or PC, create a character, observe the parade, chat with other users and collect throws,” says Synecdoche. “Of the hundreds of throws that will be distributed, 32 may be exchanged for real-life 3D printed keepsakes that can be redeemed at local businesses the day after the parade.”

Last year’s virtual parade was an Official Selection at the 2016 New Orleans Film Festival and  was also screened at NOizefest 2016.

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