RDNote Raises $250,000 Seed Investment Through Healthcare Innovation Fund

RDnote is a New Orleans-based digital health startup that helps healthcare providers increase quality of care and revenue through its nutrition care practice model.

The startup has received a $250,000 seed investment through the Lafayette General Foundation’s subsidiary, the Healthcare Innovation Fund. The funding will help RDNote pilot its product to hospitals throughout the Gulf Coast.

RDNote was launched out of the 2014-2015 accelerator class at Propeller, the hub for social innovation in the region, and is now headquartered in the New Orleans BioInnovation Center.

Founder Molly Hegarty was working as a nutritionist designing wellness programs to improve the health of offshore oilfield workers in the Gulf of Mexico before launching RDNote. Now she has been using her expertise to create a nutrition care practice model to manage and customize interventions for patients at high-risk for chronic disease.

“We are so excited for RDnote to partner with Lafayette General Foundation because we’ll be able to use the investment funds to improve the flow of information between patients with chronic diseases and their healthcare providers in the Gulf Coast region,” said Molly Hegarty, founder of RDnote.

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