High Voltage Software Showcases Locally Made Virtual Reality at NOLA Gaming Fest

High Voltage Software introduced hundreds of people in attendance at the second annual NOLA Gaming Fest to virtual reality this weekend.

The video game development company, which was founded in 1993 near Chicago and opened its New Orleans studio in 2014, sponsored the event’s Virtual Reality Lounge which hosted hundreds of local video game and tabletop game enthusiasts from across the country, most of whom had their first virtual reality experience.  High Voltage Software recently released two virtual reality games for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, Damaged Core and Dragon Front, both of which were partially developed in the New Orleans studio.

The crowd was enthusiastic, and the waiting list stretched to more than an hour long, but everyone seemed to enjoy experiencing VR by playing one of High Voltage Software’s two Oculus titles.

“The energy in New Orleans is palpable, and you feel it everywhere you go. This gives our business and more importantly our employees a creative edge to both work and play in such an exciting and vibrant city,” says High Voltage Founder and CEO, Kerry Ganofsky.

The sponsorship is one of several community outreach initiatives High Voltage Software and Ganofsky has in store for New Orleans.

“The people are absolutely fantastic. I always return to Chicago with a great story or interaction with local or tourist. The culture, the arts, the food, the music; it’s all exceptional and reflects the diversity and history of New Orleans. Contributing to the area’s long-term vivacity is a personal goal of mine in 2017,” says Ganofsky.

About the author: Claire Fontenot is the Community Manager at High Voltage Software, a premiere independent gaming studio launched in Illinois nearly 20 years ago. 

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