New Orleans Tech Company Relaunches French Quarter Task Force App

SDT Productions is the company behind the technology platform designed to increase community engagement and reduce crime. In partnership with software development firm Susco, SDT has launched a series of Task Force Apps to benefit the New Orleans Community.

Susco CEO Neel Sus was introduced to serial entrepreneur and investor Sidney Torres, who runs SDT, through Jason Villemarette of Fire on the Bayou, who does all Torres’ video production.

Sus says the platform is really three apps– the “App Task Force” in the App Store the public sees for submitting crimes, the “Officer App” that is distributed internally for the Officers on duty to use, and the Management Web Portal that is for Administrators of the system. Susco helped overhaul them all with their tech expertise. Susco was hired to do the original app in a short time frame so the recent overhaul was much needed.

The biggest change to the app is the uber-like map interface for reporting the location of the incident. Version 1.0 required users to input the street and cross street, but now you don’t need to know the street to submit an incident. The app uses geolocation to find the address of the chosen location and sends that to the Task Force officer.

While launched in New Orleans, the app can work in any city. “Anyone can download the public app and when they open it, the app will look for their location and check to see if there is a task force organization responding to incidents there,” shared Sus. “Another city or neighborhood can bring the Task Force app to their area, using off duty police officers to patrol their streets,.”

Besides keeping the city safer, Susco hopes the apps will help show off their powerful portfolio. “We’ve incorporated robust background geolocation in multiple projects and I’m excited to see how it can be leveraged in a variety of industries,” explained Sus.

Susco is charging full speed ahead into 2017. “It’s a really fun time for us,” said Sus.  “As a business that’s crossed the 10-year milestone things just get easier – there are a ton of mistakes made that you won’t repeat and if your business karma is good opportunity tends to find you!”

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