New Startup ShipDev Caters to Shipping Industry

The entrepreneur behind energy management company  Entronix has launched a new startup called ShipDev. The software development company based in New Orleans that specializes in cloud-based freight booking and reservation software for the international container shipping industry.

Founders Ray Kamal and Anwer Bashi have backgrounds in energy management and building automation that they have been able to apply to several ventures.

“Our unique platform helps provide cargo and route optimization, feeder automation algorithms and enhanced profitability for international shippers,” explained Kamal. “By leveraging our platform, management is able to track shipments, view key metrics, and avoid inefficiencies in their operations.”

The goal is to work with clients and partners to help solve their day-to-day shipping problems through the use of modern technology and solutions. Since launching, the company has worked with clients such as Logicfarm and Admiral Group.

ShipDev’s platform is expandable, configurable, and easy to use with real time analytics and data protection.

To learn more about ShipDev, visit