Local New Orleanian Designs Transit Simulator App

Have you ever wanted to design your own mass transportation system? Probably not, but now you can thanks to New Orleans entrepreneur Dan Ramunda. He recently built and launched the Maglev Sim iPad app that lets players design, build, and run simulations on a mass transit system in their city of choice.

Ramuda says he has always been interested in transportation. He started riding public transportation as an adult and began thinking about changes he would make if I had designed the system. “It’s even more fun to create a transit system in a city that does not already have one. If you were a city planner, where would you put stations, how would you design lines, how often would you run trains, how long would they be?” he asked.

The app launched on January 3 and Ramunda says he has only received positive feedback so far. “This is somewhat of a niche game, and with the millions of apps out there, it’s pretty difficult to get in front of the right potential customers,” he told Silicon Bayou News. “Now that the app is out there, my focus has shifted to finding potential interest and promoting in the urban planning and transportation industries.”

Ramunda hopes Maglev Sim will reach high school students interested in STEM. “As a country we are way behind in public transportation and it would be nice to generate some young enthusiasm.”

To learn more about the app, visit processoptima.com/maglevsim/index.html.