A Recap from JazzCon.Tech, The City’s Newest Technology Conference

About the author: Gant Laborde is the New Orleans-based Chief Technology Strategist at Infinite Red, a mobile app and web development company also based in Portland and San Francisco. He was previously an instructor at Tech Talent South and a software developer and engineer at Iconoclast Labs.

The feel of the entrance was accurately New Orleans. In the many conferences I’ve attended, no one gives that amber-lit, southern smell, fork and plate look and feel. The Marriott did a great job hosting the event.  The on-boarding process was smooth and friendly, with the event coordinators doing checkin.

The opening Keynote on Thursday was a great choice. “Overcoming the Challenges of Developer Mentoring” by Kim Crayton. Such an auspicious and friendly opening keynote for everyone. Crayton finished her presentation by assigning mentees with mentors in the audience as an action item for cultivating success.  Inadvertently, at least from outside, she was also helping people meet and break the ice.  Smiles all around!

From here the conference breaks into 4 tracks. Core & Advanced JS, Web & Design, ReactJS, and Angular. Each room ready and eager to learn on the subject.

Each room was setup with great A/V as well as high profile speakers from notable companies. The schedules were posted on a constantly updating TV outside each room.

There were two breaks: one for lunch and one for beignets, a classic New Orleans feel.