CajunCodeFest Heads Into Fifth Year in Lafayette

CajunCodeFest kicks off its fifth annual year tomorrow as the Lafayette-area coding competition looking for the next innovative idea using open data and select datasets from Lafayette Consolidated Government and the Lafayette Parish Assessor.

The competition is organized by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Center for Business & Information Technologies (CBIT). They are also adding the Inaugural Smart Community Summit to the lineup on Thursday, March 30 as a special session of the CajunCodeFest Smart Community Coding Challenge.

“CajunCodeFest taps Acadiana’s entrepreneurial spirit and allows Lafayette to be the testbed in the use of networked technologies and gigabit innovations as a Smart Community,” said Matthew Delcambre, Director of CBIT.

Throughout the competition, participants will work more than 24 hours to create unique ways for local residents to access, display and interpret civic data.

“Pursuing Smart City solutions in order to transform how LCG serves and interacts with citizens and businesses is critical to economic growth in Lafayette,” said Joel Robideaux, Mayor-President, LCG. “Integrating our information systems and enabling open data initiatives will foster our economy, improve government services and increase citizen engagement.”

Lafayette was designated as a chater Smart Gigabit Community by US Ignite because of its LUS Fiber infrastructure. For more information, visit