LSU’s Cyber Center Aims for $30 Million in Applied Research Activity by 2018

Launched in 2014, LSU’s Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center (TTCRC) has attracted almost $5 million in strategic research projects to date. The primary goal of the Research Center is cybersecurity.

Louisiana Economic Development, a strategic funding partner, shared that the projects enhance security for military, electric grid, homeland security, and other applications. The organization matches TTCRC $1 for every $10 in research funding.

TTCRC is currently involved in a number of projects ranging from a data visualization platform for the U.S. Naval Research Lab to missile defense security.

Jeff Moulton, executive director for the Stephenson National Center for Security Research and Training, says the Research Center is aiming for $30 million in applied research activity by next year.

“The Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center at LSU demonstrates what we can accomplish when we capitalize on our brainpower, our research capacity and our desire to make a difference in today’s world,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said. “What’s particularly exciting about TTCRC’s potential is that we are touching many lives for the better by working with the federal military complex, our own Louisiana National Guard on homeland security, and the private sector on technology solutions that can protect the marketplace.”