CoderCruise Ship Nearly Sold Out Months Before Departure

CoderCruise is an all-inclusive WebTech conference on a cruise ship that will leave from New Orleans this July. The conference is designed to guarantee the best of the best in terms of networking and team building because attendees will be together for one week, and it’s also family friendly.

The ship holds over 3,600 people, although not all of them are conference attendees. Organizers shared that the cruise selected for the conference is already around 80 percent full.

We are really trying to raise awareness in the community that not only does the conference exist, and exist in New Orleans, but that they can’t just wait until a few weeks before to get their ticket like they might normally do for a conference,” said Eli White, Vice President at One for All Events. 

Dean Earl Wright III is attending CoderCruise and has also previously attended php[cruise]. He shared a number of reasons why you should sign up before it’s too late. Wright says continuous training is necessary in fast moving fields such as software and web development. Plus, “you get more out of a class or conference that is away from the distractions at your office,” he continued, and “doing a conference on a cruise ship sure beats spending a couple of days in the ballroom of an airport hotel.”

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