New Orleans Tech Company Lucid Raises a Whopping $60 Million

New Orleans-based Lucid, an audience platform for sourcing and understanding “human answers,” has raised a $60 million round led by North Bridge Growth Equity.

The “human answers” Lucid focus on are real, deterministic data about human behavior at a massive scale. To date, over 14 billion questions have been asked and answered on the platform.

“People ask the question: Can you build a category defining unicorn outside of the coasts?” shared Patrick Comer, founder and CEO at Lucid. “The answer is yes.”

Lucid has long been looked at as one of the greater successes in the New Orleans tech scene. Launched as Federated Sample in 2010, the company rebranded in mid-2015 and also announced the opening of their London office.

The company definitely doesn’t have plans to slow down now. Comer says he wants Lucid to be the global leader in market research. “Once we move from a position of, ‘What is our product? Is it going to work and will our clients buy it?’ and now that it’s a global scale issue, then we can fund that scale through raising capital,” he continued. “Because the market is already there — we built it.”

Comer also shared that Lucid has tripled in size and revenue since the beginning of 2015, and they continue to see phenomenal momentum and growth over the last seven years.

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