Tulane Plans Discussion on Women in Tech Retention Project

On Wednesday, April 19 at 6:00pm, the Tulane School of Science and Engineering, WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) and New Orleans Women in Technology will host a discussion around women in tech presented by Karen Holtzblatt.

Holtzblatt is a Research Scientist at the University of Maryland and the CEO of InContext Design. She is now focusing on the challenges of women in tech through her founding of the Women in Tech Retention Project, which entails designing the @Work Action Framework for understanding women’s experience at work and interventions to help companies and individuals.

New Orleans Women in Technology (WIT) said that Holtzblatt will be presenting an overview of the @Work Action Framework and then open the discussion up to the group.

Following the discussion next Wednesday, Holtzblatt is giving another talk, “Design for Life: What Makes Things Cool?,” on April 20 at 5:00pm. “She will describe their implications for the design process as it moves from design for features, to design for tasks and now design for life,” shared WIT.