International Change Management Conference Selects New Orleans as Next Location

The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) has finalized plans to move its Change Management Conference to New Orleans next month. The annual conference brings together attendees from all around the world wanting to take their change management needs to the next level.

While the conference will bring together the largest group of change management professionals, the conference is beneficial to anyone in business, says a communications representative for the event. “The overall conference is designed for seasoned professionals or industry novices offering multiple tracks to support higher education in the ever-evolving change environment.”

Scheduled for May 21-24, Change Management 2017 will include keynotes and sessions about the latest practices to provide measurable solutions in a collaborative space. The conference will also offer workshops for attendees to be part of hands-on discussions throughout the three-day event.

Change management professionals monitor change and development in a business setting. More specifically, they focus their energy on transitioning individuals, teams and overall organizations into successfully adopting change within any given business.

“In today’s world, lessons on organizational management are not just for industry practitioners,” ACMP Vice President and Board Liaison for Meetings and Education Roxanne Brown said. “Teachings during Change Management 2017 can be applicable to any professional, from newcomers to C-suite executives, attendees can expand leadership abilities, learn how to implement new technologies into a workspace or explore top techniques on how to communicate across multi-generational employees.”