Scheduling Solution FollowMyCal Now Available for iPhone Users and Online

New Orleans-based FollowMyCal is making strides with its digital scheduling solution for different types of calendars. The goal of the company is to make the best social and shareable calendar by providing a product that is simple, seamless, and customizable.

FollowMyCal launched on Google Play in January and is now available online and on the App Store. The user-friendly platform lets you manage multiple calendars in one place– social, personal, or professional– and easily share them as well.

We interviewed founder Richard Carthon earlier this year as part of the Silicon Bayou series highlighting New Orleans startups that have gone through local accelerator programs. He says that although there are tons of other social platforms out there, FollowMyCal is the first of its kind “social calendar” platform available.

“If you are part of a business, club, organization, church group, non-profit, family, or any other group of people that needs an easy and seamless way to create a calendar and share it with others, FollowMyCal is the best free solution you can find on the market,” shared Carthon.

It has been a busy year for Carthon. He participated in The Big Idea, Startup Catalyst, and the IDEAcorps MBA Consulting Challenge during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, and has been accepted into PowerMoves.NOLA, an initiative of the New Orleans Startup Fund to support high-growth, high-tech startups led by entrepreneurs of color in New Orleans.

“PoweMoves.NOLA has helped me move my business forward by providing me with access to resources and an extensive network of advisors and businesses,” said Carthon. “In addition to office space, PowerMoves.NOLA has invested in FollowMyCal with funding that has allowed me to launch and grow.”

With more than 200 pre-launch downloads of the app, Carthon is confident he will continue to grow the business and soon hire additional employees.