Step Inside The Forum, an Exclusive Event at Collision

Collision Conference is the nation’s fastest growing tech conference happening in New Orleans for the second year in a row. Each year, the organizers select a small group of attendees to discuss how technology is reshaping our world at The Forum.

The invite-only gathering will bring together 250 of the 20,000 attendees–from prime ministers to mayors and CEOs to CTOs from around the world–to discuss topics such as the future of New Orleans’ technology, national cybersecurity, and the energy sector’s economic status.

The full list of topics includes:

  • The Decline of the Trade Consensus and the Future of Industry
  • Human Rights in an age of populism
  • Work Readiness in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • VR and the Public Sector
  • Activism in the Internet Age
  • Polls Apart: Have political campaigns reached an inflection point?
  • Managing National Security in a World of Disorder
  • A Brave New World: innovation as a public-private partnership
  • Data and Human Trafficking
  • Diversity & Tech
  • Environment
  • The Ministry of Truth: The new media environment and the democratic process
  • Reconciling civil liberties with cyber defense

Representatives from the City of New Orleans, the FBI,, POLITICO Magazine, the U.S. Department of Justice, MTV, the National Science Foundation and many more top organizations are expected to attend.

Through a series of off-the-record panel discussions and roundtables, this group will seek answers to the most pressing questions of our time,” shared Collision.

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