U.S. Chamber of Commerce Names New Orleans ‘Silicon City’

New Orleans is not Silicon Valley, and it’s not trying to be. The Big Easy undoubtedly has its own thing going on, and the world is starting to notice. While New Orleans has always been entrepreneurial, the city has seen a technology and innovation boom in the last few years, as recognized by media outlets and organizations including Forbes, the Kauffman Foundation, and The Data Center.

Free Enterprise, presented by the U.S Chamber of Commerce, recently took a deep dive into the economic revival in the city through three articles, naming New Orleans a “Silicon City.” Each article examines this revival through the lens of entrepreneurs solving systemic, social and economic issues.

The organization is dedicated to telling the stories of entrepreneurs around the country. In the New Orleans series, Free Enterprise profiles The Idea Village, Propeller, Whetstone Education, New Orleans Startup Fund, PowerMoves.NOLA, and many others responsible for the city’s revitalization.

All three stories of New Orleans’ entrepreneurial boom are available below:

“Thought these stories together offered an interesting view into New Orleans’ entrepreneurial rise and the recognition this is getting around the country,” shared a representative for Free Enterprise.