Camelback Ventures Receives ‘Extra Mile Award’ for Company Culture

New Orleans-based Camelback Ventures has received the Gusto Extra Mile Award in celebration the ways it goes above and beyond for employees. The non-profit provides coaching, capital, and connections to underrepresented entrepreneurs in the area.

Gusto, a startup that serves small businesses across the country, presented the award to Camelback in New Orleans last week as part of a cross-country road trip. Ten other organizations will also be receiving the same award. Each winner will receive $1,500 to donate to a local charity of their choice.

“​Small businesses do not get the same recognition that Fortune 500 companies do for taking great care of their teams and communities,” shared Joshua Reeves, CEO of Gusto. “Gusto serves over 40,000 of America’s small businesses and has set out to give them a voice.”

Gusto shared winners were selected based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of their unique benefits, how they’ve built their team, and the extraordinary opportunities offered to the people around them.