VR Arcade NOLA is Bringing Virtual Reality to the Public

VR Arcade NOLA is Louisiana’s first and only virtual reality arcade. While the startup does not operate a brick and mortar arcade with a permanent location, they do focus on bringing virtual reality to the public by providing services at private events and parties, according to David Denny, co-founder of VR Arcade NOLA.

Denny started the company with business partner Devin Regan after experiencing fully immersive virtual reality for the first time in New York last fall. He was blown away by the technology but realized when he got back to New Orleans that there was no public access to high-end VR experiences. VR Arcade NOLA was launched four months ago to fill that need.

“Virtual reality is an amazing technology that has the potential to reshape how we learn about the world, how we train our workforce, and how we consume information,” shared Denny. “Without mainstream familiarity and adoption, VR will never be able to achieve its potential to revolutionize our society.”

The VR Arcade NOLA team displayed their technology at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week in March. Denny said they met a lot of people trying VR for the first time, in addition to people with with business experience who will serve as mentors and potential investors moving forward.

Denny said they have seen a substantial increase in the number of people and business booking services for private events, ranging from corporate conventions to kids’ birthday parties. A year from now, the founders plan to hire several employees and expand the range of experiences they offer to other cities such as Mobile, Shreveport, and Houston.

To learn more about the startup, visit vrarcadenola.com.