Don’t Miss the Next PitchBR on June 22

PitchBR is back for the second time this year. PitchBR 2017 #2 will take place at Kean Miller in Baton Rouge on Thursday, June 22.

Louisiana Technology Park, organizers of the pitch event, stress the event is about more than entertainment, but social change as well.

By attending PitchBR, you’ll join a group of business leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, and all-of-the-aboves, who are making entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone, regardless of status or circumstance,” revealed organizers.

The participating companies include:

  • SellSwipeallows people to use hyper-local product search to find items and businesses in their own communities.
  • Health Engagements — making a simple and powerful suite of apps that are engaging and fun to promote self-efficacy, education, and compliance in children with chronic diseases
  • Amazing Kid’s Cabby — specialty transportation service specifically designed for children ages five and up

One of the companies will walk away with a $1,000 grand prize, and “the opportunity to spread their story to our area’s funders, entrepreneurs and technologists,” shared Louisiana Technology Park.

Judges for the event include: John Matthews, Director, Small Business Services, Louisiana Economic Development; Jim Odom, President and Chief Strategy Officer, PreSonus Audio Electronics; and Karen Profita, Vice President and Executive Director, Audubon Society/Audubon Louisiana.