The Idea Village is Searching for Its Next CEO

The Idea Village is a New Orleans-based non-profit dedicated to building a thriving city through its support of the entrepreneurial community.

Longtime CEO and co-founder Tim Williamson stepped down in 2016 and recently so did Acting CEO Emily Madero. The organization has hired an executive search firm to find its next CEO.

The organization is seeking an executive with at least 10 years of management experience and a proven thought leader who is passionate and thoroughly committed to The Idea Village’s mission and New Orleans.

“We are very open to executives with a proven track record of starting, building, and leading high growth innovative companies with a passion to move to a non-profit organization in order to develop and grow the New Orleans market and region as a dynamic technology ecosystem,” revealed the company hired to conduct the search.

The Idea Village hosts several accelerator programs throughout the year as well as the culmination of the local Entrepreneur Season, New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. For more information, visit

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