New Orleans-Based Pine Biotech Raises More Than $1 Million

New Orleans-based start Pine Biotech has been making waves ever since its founding in 2014. Most recently, the machine learning startup announced it raised $1,025,000 in seed funding from angel investors last month to continue developing partnerships to commercialize its platform for biomedical data.

Pine Biotech is commercializing the biomedical data analysis platform along with the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center and the University of Haifa.

The platform is designed to serve unmet needs in clinical studies, academic research and education. Pine Biotech was one of the grand prize winners of the President’s Startup Challenge, a Shark Tank style pitch that took place in Boston in 2016, for its work in the field.

“Our company’s focus is on analysis of molecular data, or “omics” data, because it contains information on an unprecedented level of precision,” says CEO Elia Brodsky, “By enabling researchers and clinicians to extract real insight from omics data, we hope that new and more effective approaches to diagnostics and therapeutics will be developed.”