Torsh CEO to New Orleans Graduates: Local Tech Companies Want to Hire You

In 2015, an edtech startup called Torsh moved from New York to New Orleans along with its co-founder and CEO Courtney Williams and the growing team.

In a recent letter to the editor at, Williams writes, “I was not only seduced by the cultural milieu that is this 300-year-old city, but I was also drawn by the promise of a thriving tech entrepreneurial ecosystem and one of the most generous tax incentive programs in the country.”

However, what no one told him, he says, was how hard finding skilled workers would be. Williams is committed to making the city better, especially through hiring locals and people of color, and he is hoping local graduates will fit the bill for his hiring needs as well as those of other tech companies in the area.

The future of New Orleans rests in the hands of the people who are from here and have a vested interest in securing its future,” writes Williams. “If you are out there, and you are reading this, your city needs you. I need you. And my fellow tech entrepreneurs need you. Stay here, or come back here, and put your skills to work for New Orleans.”

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