Scandy Turns Google’s Tango Into 3D Object Scanner

Scandy is a New Orleans-based  computer vision and mobile 3D scanning company with a mission to find the  best way to create 3D content from a smartphone.

The startup’s latest announcement is regarding Scandy Pro app, which turns Google’s AR/VR room-mapping platform Tango into a 3D object scanner. It allows for the creation of digital models of people, places and things with a Tango device.  

“Most other apps for Tango utilize Tango’s core technologies: Motion Tracking, Area Learning, and Depth Perception to create AR/VR apps,” shared Scandy. “While Tango has a 3D Reconstruction Library, it provides the ability to create environment scans with resolution appropriate to room scanning. The Scandy team has leveraged its own 3D scanning algorithms coupled with Tango’s robust tracking to scan objects at a higher resolution than other Tango apps are able to accomplish.”

Scandy Pro lets you scan anywhere while keeping scans secure on a mobile device, download and view models, export scans into programs including Meshlab and Unity, and create meaningful projects as a maker.

The app uses the company’s 3D scanning middleware technology called Scandy Core, which is fully customizable, sensor-agnostic 3D scanning middleware. Scandy says it’s currently integrating it into projects for companies around the world.

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