Decades Old Tech Company Develops Turbine Powered Products Exclusively in Louisiana

Marine Turbine Technologies is a 30 year old company that develops turbine powered product lines that are exclusively manufactured in a facility in Franklin, Louisiana. They specialize in the packaging of gas turbine engines primarily for industrial applications.

The company was responsible for the Y2K turbine powered motorcycle from its design to engineering to manufacturing phase. Marine Turbine is now working on the next generation of turbine powered motorcycles.

According to the company, they have also developed a green energy generator that runs off natural gas and negates the need for flaring excess gas into the atmosphere.

Founder Ted McIntyre II “has completed more diverse, custom turbine engine packaged solutions than any company in the world,” reveals the Marine Turbine website. “These projects involve in-house engineering, production, test and aftermarket service.”

The 100,000 square foot Marine Turbine facility currently houses corporate offices, manufacturing and testing areas. For more information about the company, visit