New Orleans Travel and Experience Platform Joieful Continues to Raise Funding

If you’ve ever wanted a hyper-local experience in a culturally rich and visually stunning city like New Orleans and didn’t know where to start, there’s an app for that. Joieful is a New Orleans experiences platform that acts as a personal concierge for users to find music, events, tours and more.

The startup announced it is continuing to raise capital as part of its $600,000 extension round that launched in May. Joieful is also adding partners and working with existing investors moving forward. The funding will help the company build out its next phase of the software platform.

In the last two years alone, Joieful has booked more than $1.5 million in tourism experiences through its platform.

“We are very excited to see the interest in our young company as we continue to build on our early successes with our hotel and convention partners and their guests and groups,” says Aaron Dirks, Joieful’s founder and CEO. “We are working hard to build additional functionality for our customers and prepare for the launch of our Corporate Events and Hyper-Local experiences marketplace.”