PEARC Computing Conference Plans to Welcome 66 Students in New Orleans

A newly-named conference about high performance computing research is heading to New Orleans this weekend, July 9-13. Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC) is hoping to attract anyone interested in supercomputers and the research that they benefit to attend.

The theme of the conference is Sustainability, Success and Impact, reflecting “key objectives for those who manage, develop, and use advanced research computing throughout the nation and the world,” shared conference organizers.

Through their Student Program, 66 students will be participating in PEARC this year. Forty six students are receiving travel support to attend, 32 percent are female, and 50 percent are from underrepresented demographics.

“Since this is PEARC’s maiden voyage, we’re especially pleased at the number and diversity of students who qualified to participate,” said Student Program Chair Alana Romanella (Virginia Tech). “It was our goal to attract candidates from a variety of research domains and demographics that are traditionally under-represented in computational and data science degree programs and careers.”

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