New Cellcontrol, Dohrmann Insurance Program to Lower Commercial Insurance Premiums

Baton Rouge-based Cellcontrol is known for developing a technology to stop distracted driving and create better drivers. Through a new program with Dohrmann Insurance, the companies plan to lower commercial insurance premiums by as much as 30 percent. The program launched in June 26 nationwide.

Dohrmann Insurance will be covering the activation cost for Cellcontrol’s distracted driving technology for its commercial policy holders who was to reduce crashes caused by texting, emailing and more while driving. The reduction in claims will result in lowered insurance premiums.

“Distracted driving related incidents,  even after huge investments in awareness and education, continue to rise,” said Cellcontrol CEO Robert Guba. “We’re thrilled to work with a partner like Dohrmann who recognizes this important public safety issue and is taking action to drive down this risk in a proactive way, including rewarding positive and preventative risk measures like Cellcontrol.”

According to customers, the system lowers crash and incident rates by 40-90 percent. Worldwide, customers have traveled over one billion miles without distraction with the help of Cellcontrol’s technology.

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