Cleargistix and Netchex Partner to Provide Automated Services to Key Markets

Cleargistix is a Madisonville-based company that provides of automated, digital services to businesses historically plagued by manual, costly processes. The company recently announced a major partnership with Netchex to target key markets with their technology.

“We look forward to working with Netchex,” said Steven Toups, Cleargistix President and CEO. “We’ve been a Netchex customer for years and know first-hand the efficiency and effectiveness of their service. Cleargistix & Netchex are working to help businesses streamline their field information gathering and human capital management processes, increasing efficiency and providing cost savings.”

Netchex, an human resources services and payroll provider, serves client throughout the country with their single-source, cloud-based solution for managing employee life cycles.

“We see the incredible value this partnership can provide, capitalizing on Cleargistix’s ability to provide a streamlined solution to markets where labor tracking has historically been difficult. Combined with Netchex, this automated solution can be a game changer for many businesses,” shared Netchex CEO Will Boudreaux.

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