Dima Ghawi Shares How Leaders Can Elevate Employee Engagement – And How it Pays Off

This post originally appeared on the Louisiana Technology Park blog.

Leadership speaker and coach Dima Ghawi recalls starting a new job years ago teeming with enthusiasm, ready to make a positive difference in her new organization.

On her first day, however, she met her team leader, who had been with the company for 25 years and seemed befuddled by her zeal. “At the end of the day he said ‘I can’t wait to see this enthusiasm getting sucked out of you,’ ” Ghawi recalled.

Ghawi, who spoke to area business leaders at a recent Tech Park Academy event at the Louisiana Technology Park, says she later learned that the manager was himself enthusiastic when he started with the company. But years of toxic office culture and bad management had left him disconnected from his work and unmotivated.

The manager is hardly alone. A recent Gallup Research survey found that only about 30 percent of U.S. employees feel engaged in their jobs, meaning less than a third of those surveyed look forward to showing up to work, contributing and performing well.

“This is the challenge that so many companies face right now, because it’s very important to keep employees motivated and to learn how to motivate them,” Ghawi says.

Ghawi, who helps managers and leaders discover the pivotal role of employee engagement in the success of their organization, outlined three approaches managers should take to foster employee engagement in their company. She says these steps can create a more positive culture that leads to lower employee turnover, improved quality of work, better overall morale and positive results for the company’s bottom line.

“We have the power to create a better, healthier work environment and to make a difference,” she says.

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