New Orleans Tech Startup Advano Moves Headquarters to UNO Campus

Advano, a startup that makes batteries better by making silicon nanomanufacturing more affordable, is now headquartered at the University of New Orleans (UNO) campus.

Founder Alexander Girau said they have been making tremendous progress lately, including the launch and shipping of their initial product. The company is actively making nanomaterial and has fabricated over 300 battery prototypes

Advano was also accepted into the well-known seed accelerator YCombinator in Silicon Valley and has hired on six new people.

The recent move stemmed from an agreement with the university that allows Advano to rent the 1,500 square foot space, use equipment, and collaborate with faculty at UNO’s Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI).

“This relationship with Advano represents a new paradigm for collaboration with the private sector,” said John Wiley, AMRI’s director. “The mutually beneficial arrangement brings revenue to the University and makes advanced instrumentation available to a young, New Orleans-based company, all centered around our common goals for discovery and knowledge sharing.”