New Orleans Startup Locally Turns Three, Plans International Expansion

New Orleans-based Locally is on a mission to get locally available brands and products in front of nearby online shopping by using digital marketing tactics.

The startup has grown a lot over the last three years, especially in the last 12 months. Over 1,5000 retailers in 800 cities throughout the United States and Canada share real-time inventory for customers to see what’s available for purchase nearby.

“We are building a mesh network linking all physical retailers and their brands to compete directly with Amazon,” shared Locally’s creative director Blake Haney. “Imagine getting an item from a local business delivered to you in two hours from your phone.”

Haney said major brands they work with including Asics, Patagonia, and Wilson has been urging Locally to expand internationally. The team relaunched recently in preparation for this next step.

“The challenge of a complete redesign was enormous,” said Ben Hirsch, Locally co-founder and CTO. “We required a mobile-first user experience which could be presented neutrally across industries, brands and retailer participation levels. We needed a design which would account for immense growth, but also a platform that we could grow into for years to come.”

Check out this blog post to hear more about the startup’s growth, straight from the Locally team.