Video Production Company Pollo Con Leche Helps New Orleans Startups Spread Their Messages

Local video production company Pollo Con Leche is helping New Orleans startups and nonprofit organizations convey their messages and missions to the public by forming and filming videos.

Pollo Con Leche was formed in January by co-founders Jon “Pollo” Galpern and Austin “Leche” Crouse. They focus on startups and nonprofit organizations because they previously worked for both before and during their time with the video production company. Galpern worked with protein drink company Iconic to spread the brand to over 250 retailers nationwide, and Crouse continually works at 4.0 Schools, a non-profit incubator that invests in educators’ ideas to help solve problems in schooling.

Crouse became tired seeing good ideas fall to the wayside due to lack of a clear story.

“Austin is consistently surprised by how much a story can elevate a new idea,” Galpern said. “He often saw ideas die on the vine because they didn’t have a clear and compelling story.”

Galpern shared now, more than ever, New Orleans startups and nonprofit organizations are in positions to build and establish their brands as permanent players, and Pollo Con Leche aims to make that goal as easy to accomplish as possible.

“Given [our background], we empathize with our clients in a way that a traditional video agency can’t,” Galpern said. “Our job is to make complex things simple, to make the serious silly, and to help companies tell tasty stories.”

A month after founding the company, Galpern and Crouse took part in Venture for America’s initiative to help grow crowdfunded side projects. The event led to Pollo Con Leche working with software development firm Welcome to College on their local spotlight web series “The Magic Hour.”

The work helped them build their portfolio and move onto more projects such as Touro Infirmary’s video for GiveNOLA Day. Pollo Con Leche and Touro Infirmary set a mutual goal for the project, aiming to raise three times more funding than years prior using the video as a tool to spread awareness. When the campaign concluded, the final results surpassed the original goal, raising four times more funds than the year before.

One of their more recent projects came from the UNI-Prep Institute, a training organization that offers online and in-class courses to high school students focusing on business, management and teacher training. When the institute was focusing on rolling out new courses in Taiwan, co-founder and coach for UNI-Prep Larry Liu felt Pollo Con Leche was exactly what the institute needed to get the message out in order to build credibility among potential students.

“The work we do is entirely built on trust, so it’s really important for families to really understand clearly what we do,” Liu said.

When the video goes live on UNI-Prep’s landing page, Liu believes the video will help explain to students and parents how the institute can benefit them in a compelling way.

When asked about the future of Pollo Con Leche and the growth of the company, Galpern said he and Crouse are just getting started.

“The Crescent City is the perfect back drop for a great story, and it has tons of people you want to tell stories with,” said Galpern. “The city has been nothing less than welcoming, and we’re grateful to be a part of it.”

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