Geektime Releases List of Top 10 Tech Startups in New Orleans

The website that shares all things related to technology and innovation worldwide, Geektime, has published a list of the top tech startups in New Orleans.

“The city tagged the ‘most unique’ in America has some interested startups,” shared Geektime. “Tourism and other forms of entertainment may drive the New Orleans story in popular culture, but Tulane and Loyola Universities lead a group of a dozen major schools. The largest employer is the Ochsner Health System. History, money, education, and energy combine in New Orleans into a surprising startup gumbo.”

The startups on the list are a combination of companies founded by first-time entrepreneurs as well as seasoned veterans in the startup world. Check out the list below:

  1. Lucid
  2. Servato
  3. Kickboard
  4. Zlien
  5. Better Day Health
  6. Bioceptive
  7. Fluence Analytics
  8. Pine Biotech
  9. Scandy
  10. Advano

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