Offers Free ID Scanning to Harvey Responders

New Orleans-based tech company  is used to providing businesses with ID scanning solutions to quickly and easily capture and verify an individual’s information. Now, they are offering free technology to help volunteer groups, first responders, and others involved in the Hurricane Harvey aftermath.

The service will allow users to collect, track, and maintain information of Houston area residents and volunteers simply by downloading the VeriScan Online app.

“The images coming out of the flood-ravaged areas are heartbreaking, and we in New Orleans know how important it is to have accurate information on people’s whereabouts in the chaotic aftermath of large scale disasters. That’s why we’re offering our solution for free,” said Denis Petrov, the CEO of

The app does not require Wi-Fi to scan, and once a user is connected to Wi-Fi later, they are able to access all the information on file through the online portal.

“They can determine if an individual has checked in at a shelter or other relief area,” revealed a press release. “Multiple points of scanning can be connected so information can be shared between an organization’s different locations and between multiple organizations”