Saints Player Coby Fleener Joines SyncThink Advisory Board

Boston-based SyncThink has added New Orleans Saints tight end Coby Fleener to their Athlete Advisory Board.

SyncThink is a neuro-technology company with eye tracking technology products specifically used to track the two major components of a concussion, ocular motor impairments and vestibular balance dysfunction.

“I am excited to work with SyncThink because I know first-hand the challenges they are facing and working to solve. The lack of objective measurement for concussions can be frustrating for us athletes, as well as the medical staff trying to keep them healthy,” said Fleener.

Fleener said he hopes the company’s EYE-SYNC technology will be available to athletes at every level. EYE-SYNC received FDA clearance last year.

“SyncThink’s solution, EYE-SYNC, uses tested technology and proven methods, and is a tool that should be available to athletes at every level. Objective data provided by the EYE-SYNC platform can go a long way in helping athletes, coaches, and medical staff members make the right return-to-play decisions.”