Recruiting Basics for a Startup or Small Company

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When it’s time for your company to grow, it can be a challenge to find the people you need. You’re competing against larger, older companies that have an established hiring process, and that have the time and resources to find just the right match. But with some strong processes and a little luck, you’ll find the people you need.

“Just like with recruiting in more established companies, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach,” says Christina Boudreaux, owner and senior talent consultant at Talent Made Simple. “It often takes a strategy that includes a variety of different methods to attract talented candidates into the organization.

Here are the basics for a startup or small company to do recruiting right and compete with larger firms for talent.

Define Your Employer Brand

One of the challenges that startups and small companies face when recruiting is that they don’t have the brand recognition that larger competitors have — they’re less able to attract the kind of talent they need to grow because nobody knows about the company. So defining and marketing your brand as early as you can will help you compete, Boudreaux says.

“Leverage opportunities to educate those in the community about your company and all that it has to offer,” she says. Social media is a great, cost-effective way to get the word out about your company and the opportunities you offer, she says. Networking can also spread the word and educate others about who you are, what you do and your employee value proposition.

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