Fluence Analytics’ Third-Generation ACOMP Product is Here

Fluence Analytics is a New Orleans-based manufacturer of industrial and laboratory systems that produce continuous data streams. The startup, formerly Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies (APMT) spun out of Tulane University, has released its third-generation ACOMP product.

The product is an automated smart manufacturing system that analyzes polymers during production. The third-generation ACOMP has enhanced software user interface and analytics functionality, an upgraded detector train and new smart sensors.

“This evolution in ACOMP improves the user’s experience, contributes to overall efficiency, and more accurately characterizes important polymer properties,” says Michael Drenski, CTO of Fluence Analytics. “We look forward to using our third-generation ACOMP to optimize polymerization processes for our customers.”

“We see a future where ACOMP’s unique realtime data, combined with, and contextualizing other process parameters, changes how polymer materials are developed and manufactured around the world. This smart manufacturing technology enables optimum efficiency, profitability and sustainability,” says Alex Reed, CEO of Fluence Analytics.

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