New Orleans-Based Dating App for Dog Lovers Launches in New York

A father and his two daughters are making it easier for dog lovers to date. Keith Isaacson runs the newly launched Dig dating app for dog lovers as CFO along with his daughter Casey, CCO, and New Orleans-based Leigh, the company’s CEO. Dig is designed for users to find someone who loves dogs as much as they do, or to find someone who will end up getting a dog with them in the future.

Leigh is currently in The Idea Village’s entrepreneur cohort called IDEAx where she receives mentorship and support for several months, fine tuning the startup. Dig went live in the App Store this week, allowing users to start connecting to dog lovers in New York, where the startup chose to launch first.

After New York, our plan is to launch in Austin and New Orleans,” shared Leigh. “Austin is one of the most dog friendly cities in the country, and it is filled with singles who use dating apps. Dig is based in New Orleans, and the launch parties here will definitely be the most fun. We’re very much looking forward to working with the New Orleans dog-friendly bars, such as the Rusty Nail.”

The co-founders are hoping to build up a critical mass of users over the next few months before launching in the other cities, and then planning to launch in Orlando after that.

Dig has built in settings that help users narrow down their searches, such as sorting matches by the size of dog, or people without dogs if your pet doesn’t get along with others. Once a match is made and users “dig” each other, the app will suggest places they think are great dog-friendly date locations.

As a bonus, if you check out Dig on social media, you’ll find that all the photos the team shares are of dogs up for adoption.

Long term, success will be when Dig is the number one way dog lovers and dog owners find compatible dates,” said Leigh. “I can’t wait for the first Dig wedding!”