New Orleans is the 8th Best City for Women in Tech

Every year finance technology company SmartAsset releases reports on the best cities for women working in tech. The Big Easy came in eighth on the 2018 list of the best cities out of 15 overall.

SmartAsset found that 36.3% of tech jobs are filled by women in New Orleans. The company also ranked all the cities by gender pay gap, income after housing costs, and four-year tech employment growth.

Like last year, New Orleans ranked well due to its low gender pay gap. Women in tech are paid on par with men here. New Orleans has the third-best score in the gender pay gap metric in this study.”

New Orleans was ranked fifth in the 2017 rankings behind Washington, D.C., Kansas City, Missouri, Baltimore and Indianapolis. Seven cities from last year also made the top 10 this year.

Washington, D.C. was top of this list again year year, followed by Kansas City, Missouri, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Albuquerque, and a tie between St. Paul and Arlington, Virginia.