Tulane Unveils New Website Focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tulane University launched a new website today focused on highlighting everything related to entrepreneurship both on and off campus.

“The new website will help visitors discover everything Tulane University is doing related to entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as to find new ways to connect the local startup ecosystem with the resources on campus,” shared Rob Lalka, Executive Director of the Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tulane.

Entrepreneurship.tulane.edu features everything from a resources section with lists of entrepreneurial support organizations and investors to pages on jobs, project assistance, and ways to get involved with the Center.

Tulane President Mike Fitts says the website embodies the best part of Tulane. “We are collaborative and curious. We love to solve problems. We enjoy being creative when it comes to ideas. And we are tireless when it comes to implementing them.”

Keep an eye out for the new hashtag #StartupTulane that will be used to spread the word about the new website at Tulane, as well as the citywide conversation using #StartupNOLA.